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Monday, September 10, 2007

AdvantageWorks Wiki

In preparation for the next release of the AdvantageWorks add-on components for Microsoft CRM we have moved our product documentation from a compiled help file to an online wiki format.  This will allow us to keep the documentation more up-to-date, relevant, and targeted.  At the same time the content will be easier to search, navigate, and will no longer require the installation of our trial software to obtain.

The wiki can be found at the following address: http://wiki.advantageworks.com.  We have also started using wikis internally and have chosen to implement the MediaWiki software, which is the same software that runs Wikipedia.  For the short-term we are hosting the AdvantageWorks wiki at ScribbleWiki, but we will be moving it to our servers once we complete some internal upgrades.  When accessing the wiki please use the above URL, as it will point to our current site -- whether it is hosted or not.

In the true spirit of the wiki we encourage you to add relevant content, make edits, and participate in the discussion pages.  However, for support requests please either contact us directly, or post a message to our newsgroup.  We believe support should be available in many forms, and hope you find the wiki to be another useful way to learn about us and our products.


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