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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Editable Grid now available

AdvantageWorks would like to invite you to download a trial of our editable grid control for Microsoft CRM 3.0. As part of our Software Development Kit (SDK), the editable grid allows the end user to edit the contents of a grid directly in the grid by the click of a single button.

The grid supports editing of the following CRM data types:
  • Picklist
  • Date (no time)
  • Lookup
  • Integer
  • Money
  • Float
  • Boolean
  • Status
  • Customer
  • Owner
  • Decimal
  • String
Additionally, the grid enforces Microsoft CRM's built-in security model and prevents users from editing the following types of data:
  • State attributes
  • Fields with a display mask of ObjectTypeCode
  • Fields marked as read-only
  • Fields disabled on their associated edit form
  • Fields with an active OnChange event on their associated edit form
  • Fields the user does not have write privileges for (both record and entity level)
The AdvantageWorks Editable Grid for Microsoft CRM 3.0 is designed to work in conjunction with our Split View control. However, it can also be used as a stand-alone component in your own custom ASP.NET 2.0 pages.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the editable grid, please visit our download page to submit a download request.

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