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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

...More on "MRM" vs. "CRM"

I saw this article referenced in one of the other blogs I read, and it struck a chord with me, especially in reference to my earlier entry "CRM Just Doesn't Cut it Anymore." I think it's dead on...we've worked with many leading CRM packages over the years and they've all evolved to a level of useful competency. It's time to think of these toolsets as a master front end application...the hub of the spokes.

"But now that we have a broad number of packaged CRM applications that generally work, the temptation to think about CRM as a tactical rather than strategic tool is even greater. Rather than merely use CRM as a sales forecasting application, the time may have arrived when we need to think about it as the new universal front end to all of our other enterprise applications."


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